Strategic Staffing, 5e

by Phillips

ISBN: 978-1-948426-39-8 | Copyright 2023

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Table of Contents (pg. iii)
Preface (pg. ix)
Chapter 1 Strategic Staffing (pg. 1)
Chapter 2 Business and Staffing Strategies (pg. 31)
Chapter 3 The Legal Context (pg. 70)
Chapter 4 Strategic Job Analysis and Competency Modeling (pg. 127)
Chapter 5 Forecasting and Planning (pg. 170)
Chapter 6 Sourcing: Identifying Recruits (pg. 211)
Chapter 7 External Recruiting (pg. 255)
Chapter 8 Measurement (pg. 305)
Chapter 9 Assessing External Candidates (pg. 349)
Chapter 10 Recruiting and Assessing Internal Candidates (pg. 409)
Chapter 11 Choosing and Hiring Candidates (pg. 441)
Chapter 12 Managing Workforce Flow (pg. 478)
Chapter 13 Staffing System Evaluation and Technology (pg. 521)
Appendix A Strategic Staffing at Chern's: A Case Study (pg. 550)
Glossary (pg. 582)
Organization Index (pg. 595)
Subject Index (pg. 598)

Jean Phillips

Jean Phillips is a professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State University. Jean earned her PhD from Michigan State University in Business Management and Organizational Behavior. Her interests focus on recruitment, staffing, and the processes that lead to employee and organizational success. Jean was among the top 5 percent of published authors in Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology during the 1990s, and she received the 2004 Cummings Scholar Award from the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management. Jean is also a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Jean has published more than fifty research articles, chapters, and books, including Strategic Staffing (3e, 2014), Organizational Behavior (12e, 2016), Human Resource Management (2013), Managing Now (2008), and the five-book Staffing Strategically (2012) series for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Jean was also the founding coeditor of the Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management series for Business Expert Press. Her applied work

includes leveraging employee surveys to enhance strategic execution and business performance, developing leadership and teamwork skills, and creating and evaluating strategic recruitment and staffing programs. Jean has taught online and traditional courses in Human Resource Management and Organizational behavior in the United States, Iceland, and Singapore.

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