Fundamentals of Human Resource Management for Competitive Advantage

by Gowan

ISBN: 978-1-948426-31-2 | Copyright 2022

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Focuses on Managing Employees Rather Than Managing the HR Function: Since students often have difficulty separating the concept of employees as human resources from the discussion of the HR department, this book concentrates on the theory behind effective employee management practices and the reality that managing employees under different scenarios presents unique challenges and requires different responses. This managerial perspective, as opposed to an HR perspective, makes the book accessible to all students interested in learning about managing employees, while still being applicable for future HR professionals.

Managing Employees in Context: This book places the management of employees directly in the broader context of organizations and their external environments. It devotes a significant amount of coverage to the role of employee management in supporting business strategy, company characteristics, organizational culture, and employee concerns. It also addresses the external pressures that come from globalization, technology, labor force trends, ethics, regulatory issues, and related topics.

Integrative Framework: Students learn better when they have a clear framework for understanding how different practices are used independently and interdependently. In this case, they will learn about issues related to individual employee management and the larger work group, as well as how to address this independence and interdependence relative to different internal and external contingencies. The book highlights three primary activities for managing employees and show their interrelationships: work design and workforce planning, management of employee competencies, and management of employee attitudes and behaviors. We approach these themes from the context of understanding how employee management affects the ability of an organization to achieve its objectives and attain a competitive advantage.

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Preface (pg. i)
Chapter 1 Managing Employees for Competitive Advantage (pg. 1)
Chapter 2 Organizational Demands and Environmental Influences (pg. 27)
Chapter 3 Regulatory Issues (pg. 53)
Chapter 4 Job Design and Job Analysis (pg. 89)
Chapter 5 Workforce Planning (pg. 113)
Chapter 6 Recruitment (pg. 135)
Chapter 7 Selection (pg. 159)
Chapter 8 Learning and Development (pg. 189)
Chapter 9 Performance Management (pg. 219)
Chapter 10 Compensating Employees (pg. 247)
Chapter 11 Incentives and Rewards (pg. 271)
Chapter 12 Employee Benefits and Safety Programs (pg. 291)
Chapter 13 Labor Unions and Employee Management (pg. 323)
Chapter 14 Creating High-Performing HR Systems (pg. 349)
Glossary (pg. 375)
Notes (pg. 385)
Index (pg. 419)

Mary Gowan

MARY GOWAN is dean of the Mike Cottrell College of Business and professor of management at the University of North Georgia.  She previously served as business dean at James Madison University and at Elon University, and Associate Dean at George Washington University. Her Ph.D. is in business administration from the University of Georgia. Her extensive teaching, research, and consulting experience focuses on human resource management and organizational behavior, and includes international teaching and research. She is currently on the boards of the Southern Business Association of Administrators, Beta Gamma Sigma, and the North Georgia Community Foundation.  Previously, she served as a board member of the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation, the Human Resource Division of the Academy of Management, and the Southern Management Association, along with a number of other nonprofit organizations. She has served on a number of journal editorial boards and published research focused on career transitions and related HR topics, and has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and numerous other HR related journals.

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