The Global Challenge, 3e

International Human Resource Management

by Pucik, Evans, Björkman, Morris

ISBN: 978-0-9833324-9-7 | Copyright 2016

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Cover (pg. i)
Table of Contents (pg. v)
Chapter 1: The Challenges of International Human Resource Management (pg. 1)
Chapter 2: Becoming Locally Responsive (pg. 37)
Chapter 3: Achiving Global Integration (pg. 69)
Chapter 4: Structuring Coordination (pg. 105)
Chapter 5: Contructing Social Achitecture (pg. 139)
Chapter 6: Acquiring Global Talent (pg. 167)
Chapter 7: Global Performance Management (pg. 199)
Chapter 8: Developing Global Leaders (pg. 231)
Chapter 9: Steering Global Mobility (pg. 265)
Chapter 10: Facilitating Change in Mutinational Organizations (pg. 297)
Chapter 11: Managing Knowledge and Innovation across Borders (pg. 327)
Chapter 12: Forging Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisistions (pg. 355)
Chapter 13: Managing Alliances and Joint Ventures (pg. 389)
Chapter 14: Transforming the Global Human Resource Role (pg. 421)
References (pg. 452)
Index (pg. 507)
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