Business and Society, 8e

A Strategic Approach to Social Responsibility & Ethics

by Ferrell, Ferrell, Thorne

ISBN: 978-1-948426-51-0 | Copyright 2024

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Ch01 Social Responsibility Framework (pg. 2)
Ch02 Strategic Management of Stakeholder Relationships (pg. 34)
Ch03 Corporate Governance (pg. 60)
Ch04 Business, Government and Regulation (pg. 96)
Ch05 The Impact of Business on Government and the Political Environment (pg. 120)
Ch06 Business Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making (pg. 146)
Ch07 Strategic Approaches to Improving Ethical Behavior (pg. 174)
Ch08 Employee Relations (pg. 206)
Ch09 Consumer Relations (pg. 244)
Ch10 Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy (pg. 270)
Ch11 Technology Issues (pg. 302)
Ch12 Sustainability Issues (pg. 336)
Ch13 Social Responsibility in a Global Environment (pg. 370)
Case 1 Business Ethics Put to the Test During COVID-19 Pandemic (pg. 392)
Case 2 Social Responsibility Now Streaming on Spotify (pg. 397)
Case 3 Tesla Accelerates the Transition to Sustainable Energy (pg. 401)
Case 4 A Bitter Pill for Johnson & Johnson (pg. 408)
Case 5 Chevron Puts More Energy Into Sustainability (pg. 412)
Case 6 Uber’s Crash Course in Controversy (pg. 417)
Case 7 Home Depot Builds Up Stakeholder Relationships (pg. 424)
Case 8 Big-Box Retailer Walmart Sets Big ESG Goals (pg. 431)
Case 9 Google Searches for Solutions to Privacy Issues (pg. 440)
Case 10 Wells Fargo Banks on Recovery (pg. 451)
Case 11 Starbucks Serves Up Its Social Responsibility Blend (pg. 458)
Case 12 TOMS Kicks Out the One for One Model (pg. 467)
Case 13 Apple Bites into Ethics (pg. 473)
Case 14 From the Outside In: Corporate Social Responsibility atPatagonia (pg. 484)
Case 15 Herbalife Nutrition: Managing Risks and AchievingSuccess (pg. 488)
Glossary (pg. 499)
Notes (pg. 509)
Index (pg. 539)
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