Ryan Mullins

Dr. Mullins is an award-winning author, professor, and consultant, focused on helping leaders improve sales force performance. He has authored 16 academic articles, with 7 of those appearing in the Financial Times Top 50 business journals in the world. In the classroom, Ryan teaches courses focused on personal selling, sales management, and sales leadership while also serving as the director for the Sales Innovation Program. Ryan greatly enjoys industry collaborations and has conducted research projects with Fortune 500 companies, providing data analysis, insight, and training interventions when needed.


PROFESSIONAL SELLING by Deeter, Hunter, Loe, Rich, Mullins, Beeler, Schrock 978-1-948426-17-6
Professional Selling, 2e
Professional Selling, 2e by Deeter, Hunter, Loe, Mullins, Rich, Beeler, Schrock 9781948426541