Michael V. Mannino

Michael V. Mannino has been involved in the database feld since 1980. He has taught database management since 1983 at several major universities (University of Florida, University of Texas at Austin, University of Washington, and University of Colorado Denver). His audiences have included undergraduate MIS students, graduate MIS students, MBA students, and doctoral students as well as corporate employees in retraining programs. He has also been active in database research as evidenced by publications in major journals of the IEEE (Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering and Transactions on Software Engineering), ACM (Communications and Computing Surveys), and INFORMS (Informs Journal on Computing and Information Systems Research). His research includes several popular survey and tutorial articles as well as many papers describing original research. Practical results of his research have been incorporated into Chapter 12 on a form-driven approach to database design and Chapter 17 on management of the refresh process.