Dawn Deeter

Dr. Deeter is an experienced sales leader. She built and leads the National Strategic Selling Institute at Kansas State University. After earning her Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in 1998, Deeter has served on the faculties of Monmouth University, Ohio University, and Kansas State University.  During that time, she has earned numerous teaching awards, including the Hormel Teaching Excellence Award, the Kansas State Bank Outstanding Teaching Award, and the 2016 K-State Professor of the Year.


PROFESSIONAL SELLING by Deeter, Hunter, Loe, Rich, Mullins, Beeler, Schrock 978-1-948426-17-6
Professional Selling, 2e
Professional Selling, 2e by Deeter, Hunter, Loe, Mullins, Rich, Beeler, Schrock 9781948426541