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Business & Society, 5e

A Strategic Approach to Social Responsibility & Ethics

by Ferrell, Thorne, Ferrell

ISBN: 978-0-9833324-4-2 | Copyright 2016

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Ferrell, Thorne, and Ferrell demonstrate and help instructors prove that social responsibility is a theoretically grounded yet highly actionable and practical field of interest. The relationship between business and society is inherently controversial and complex, yet the intersection of its components, such as corporate governance, workplace ethics, community needs, and technology, is experienced in every organization. For this reason, they developed this text to effectively assist decision-making and inspire the application of social responsibility principles to a variety of situations and organizations. 

Because of this transformation of corporate responsibility, the fifth edition of Business and Society: A Strategic Approach to Social Responsibility is designed to fully reflect these changes. The authors have been diligent in this revision about discussing the most current knowledge and describing best practices related to social responsibility. The innovative text, cutting-edge cases, and comprehensive teaching and learning package ensure that business students understand and appreciate concerns of philanthropy, employee well-being, corporate governance, consumer protection, social issues, and sustainability. Business and Society is written for today's student and instructor, focusing on the reality of social responsibility in the workplace. Ferrell, Thorne, and Ferrell have revised the fifth edition to be the most practical and applied business and society text available. A differentiating feature of this book is its focus on the role that social responsibility takes in strategic business decisions. They demonstrate that studying social responsibility provides knowledge and insights that positively contribute to organizational performance and professional success. This text prepares students for the social responsibility challenges and opportunities they will face throughout their careers. The authors provide the latest examples, stimulating cases, and unique learning tools that capture the reality and complexity of social responsibility. Students and instructors prefer this book because it presents examples, tools, and practices needed to develop and implement a socially responsible business strategy. Finally, this book makes the assumption that students will be working in an organization trying to improve social responsibility and not just critics of business. 

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Cover (pg. i)
Chapter 1: Social Responsibility Framework (pg. 2)
Chapter 2: Strategic Management of Stakeholder Relationships (pg. 40)
Chapter 3: Corporate Governance (pg. 74)
Chapter 4: Legal, Regulatory, and Political Issues (pg. 110)
Chapter 5: Business Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making (pg. 152)
Chapter 6: Strategic Approaches to Improving Ethical Behavior (pg. 184)
Chapter 7: Employee Relations (pg. 222)
Chapter 8: Consumer Relations (pg. 260)
Chapter 9: Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy (pg. 286)
Chapter 10: Technology Issues (pg. 320)
Chapter 11: Sustainability Issues (pg. 358)
Chapter 12: Social Responsibility in a Global Environment (pg. 402)
Case 1: Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests (pg. 428)
Case 2: The Mission of CVS (pg. 439)
Case 3: Belle Meade Plantation (pg. 449)
Case 4: Multilevel Marketing Under Fire: Herbalife (pg. 456)
Case 5: Hobby Lobby (pg. 470)
Case 6: Starbucks’ Mission (pg. 477)
Case 7: Lululemon (pg. 486)
Case 8: Coping with Financial and Ethical Risks at AIG (pg. 493)
Case 9: The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises (pg. 502)
Case 10: Enron (pg. 513)
Case 11: The Complexity of Intellectual Property (pg. 522)
Case 12: (pg. 533)
Case 13: Mattel Responds to Ethical Challenges (pg. 539)
Case 14: Home Depot Implements Stakeholder Orientation (pg. 548)
Case 15: New Belgium Brewing (pg. 556)
Notes (pg. 564)
Glossary (pg. 599)
Index (pg. 603)
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